About Us

What is ZamPortal?

The ZamPortal is a public Governmental resource, representing an electronic services directory that groups in a single place all public services in Zambia, that are provided to citizens in an electronic way, online.

The portal constitutes a confident informational resource which provides official and correct data to the public. It is structured in a way to focus the attention of different categories of visitors, such as immigrants, tourists, drivers, and many more, on their needs and to address their daily activities.

The list of electronic services can evolve and extend over time, as new public services can be integrated into the portal.

ZamPortal e-services portal overview

The public services are grouped into an electronic services directory, available on the ZamServices Portal (https://eservices.gov.zm/). The portal stands for the One-Stop Shop for All Public Services in Zambia and brings together public services provided by different public authorities of Zambia, representing the primary official way of interaction of the Zambian Government with the citizens.

The electronic services integrated into the ZamServices Portal are modern, advanced and simple to use, having associated behind optimized and automated process workflows. The portal allows interested users to initiate a service request online and apply for a permit by filling in and submitting the corresponding application in an electronic, paperless way.

Prior to applying for an e-service, the Applicant must register and then pass through the authentication process. After successful registration, the Applicant is provided with a personal electronic workplace, where, upon successful authentication, he/she can manage applications.

The ZamPortal offers the opportunity to make online payments as well. If the requested service involves paying a fee, the application process is redirecting, at the right moment, to the ZamPay Portal – the Zambian Governmental electronic payments gateway, and the Applicant is able to proceed to the payment without having to worry or to leave the home or the office, saving time, effort and resources.

ZamPortal mission

Citizen as well as Business-oriented, the ZamPortal is intended to increase the openness of the Government to the population and to the business environment in the country and abroad. While providing consolidated services, the portal offers a fast, secure, always and from everywhere available possibility to obtain the needed service, just having a stable internet connection. It exempts people from the need to travel to the authorities’ offices, to stay in endless queues, to consume huge amounts of paper, significantly saving the time and resources allocated in this respect. 

The portal is intended to help interested parties to obtain expected results with minimum effort and expenses, concentrating their labor on the subject that really matters. 

ZamPortal future perspectives

The rapid growth of the online presence and the fast development of the online business environment in Zambia and worldwide, are key factors for the ZamPortal sustainable future development, acceptance, and wide use. With a wide online use, the portal aims to improve the reliability of public electronic services providing. Increased performance and reliability are the basis envisaged by the Government for increasing the efficiency and quality of service provisioning and governance in general, which is the way to contribute to the modernization of the business climate in Zambia, making it more accessible, transparent and open.