ZamServices – public electronic services portal launch

Starting today, October 12, 2019, citizens of Zambia, business entities, guests of Zambia, tourist and non-residents, all interested people, will be able to apply online for the permissive and other acts they need and are willing to obtain, through the governmental portal of electronic services “ZamServices”. 

We believe that it is beneficial for all mentioned users of the portal to benefit online for public services, as this will minimize the cost and time of accessing them. The introduction of a new information system will simplify the process of communication between the interested parties, reduce the administrative burden, thereby contributing to the improvement of the business climate in the country. In addition, this project will reduce the processing time of applications and improve the quality of data collected by authorities. The system is developed on the principle of a “personal dashboard”, where each registered applicant can create, save, view and send relevant applications for services using its electronic signature.

The purpose of the portal is to automate the procedure for submitting applications and requests for the public services available and for permissive acts, obtaining permits by applicants, including those intending to carry out different business activities.

John Doe

John Doe

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