How to Pay Ground Rent Online

Ground Rent

Do you need to pay for a Ground Rent, don’t want to stay in queues and waste your time? Now you can pay for a Ground Rent e-service online, offered by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources via ZamPortal – Government E-Services Portal. 

To pay for Ground Rent via Government E-Services Portal, applicants need to complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Government E-Services Portal (
  2. Authenticate using ZamPass digital identity
  3. Navigate to Personal Workplace
  4. Choose and apply for Ground Rent e-Service
  5. Preview the GS-1 Service Info form, continue the process by clicking “Next”
  6. On the GS-1 Service Details form fill in the Land Parcel ID (ex. L/10101/M) and query the data
  7. Choose the number of years to pay for and click “Next” to continue the process
  8. Preview the Treasury Invoice and payment details
  9. Choose a payment method, payment processor and complete the payment online
  10. Receive a Treasury Receipt and preview the details of the completed payment
  11. Download the Receipt and finalize the process by clicking “Finish”

The online payment process is simple, straightforward and only takes 3-4 minutes to be completed. Once completed, you’ll get a government treasury receipt, which confirms the payment of the Ground Rent.

Stay safe, save your time and apply for digital public services online via Government E-Services Portal. ZamPortal – e-Government at Your Service!


GSB Info

GSB Info