MLNR Forestry Services on ZamPortal

E-Services provided by the Department of Forestry, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) are now a part of the Government E-Services Portal. The services can be requested online via ZamPortal 24/7 via a Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet or PC connected to the internet. Forestry Concession Licence, Cord Wood Permit, Forestry Production Permit, Forestry Conveyance Permit, Tree Felling Permit and other e-services are available to applicants online on

To apply for e-services on the Government E-Services Portal, you just need to follow the next steps:

  1. Register a ZamPass account
  2. Log In on ZamPortal
  3. Choose an E-Service
  4. Apply for E-Service
  5. Fill-in the Application Forms
  6. Pay the Service Fee
  7. Submit the Application online
  8. Wait for the result and get the certificate

All the info about the e-services provided on the Government E-Services Portal you can find on the e-services directory by exploring the e-services passports. Stay safe, apply for e-services online and save your time. ZamPortal – E-Government at Your Service!

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