The services destined to drivers are those services that allow citizens to practice vehicle import/export activities in Zambia, to buy/sell or register a vehicle for personal use, to conform to legal requirements about motor vehicle regulation and to obtain or renew a personal Driver’s licence

Every vehicle in Zambia must follow the primary Registration of the Motor Vehicle, either it was:

  • purchased from a car dealership,
  • imported into the country or
  • previously unregistered.

Registered vehicles must undergo a Motor vehicle licence (Road Tax) process, that represents permission to use vehicles on national roads. It requires payment of prescribed fees, annually or quarterly.

For every vehicle that is not new, it is required to perform the road fitness test, which is a safety inspection conducted by an authorized government service station. If passed, the vehicle is certified for driving on public roads.

Note: it is necessary to previously obtain an Interpol motor vehicle clearance certificate, issued by the Zambia Police, in order to be able to import/export a motor vehicle to the Republic of Zambia or export a motor vehicle from the Republic of Zambia. This certificate assesses that the vehicle is not reported as stolen or as having a criminal record, according to the Interpol international vehicle database.

The permits intended for drivers are available online on the Government Electronic Services Portal – ZamServices portal ( start filling in the electronic forms online, perform payment for the requested service online and receive the expected results online as well.

As stated above, the Interpol motor vehicle clearance certificate is issued by the Zambia Police.

For more information about the certificate issuance, please, address to Zambia Police using the following contacts:


All other necessary procedures and electronic services to apply to in order to import or buy a new brand motor vehicle or a used one are provided by Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and are the following:

  1. Registration of Motor Vehicle
  2. Motor Vehicle Licence (“Road Tax”)
  3. Safety Inspection (“Road Fitness Test”)
  4. the Driver’s Licence renewal/duplicate

For more information, please, address to RTSA using the following contacts:

Head Office, Premium House, Lusaka

Tel: +260 955 983 983
WhatsApp: +260 96 5429499


The electronic services are intended for Zambian citizens who are driving vehicles on national roads in Zambia and to citizens from Zambia and abroad who are dealing with motor vehicle import/export and trade activities in Zambia.

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