For Retirees

For Retirees

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These services are destined to persons who had reached a corresponding required age and their aim is to fill in and submit the application necessary to initiate the establishment of the retirement and calculation of the retirement pension and to obtain deserved social benefits.

The services can be requested online on the Governmental Electronic Services Portal – ZamServices portal ( You don’t even have to leave the house: request the service online, pay online and receive the results online.

The applications for permits destined to retirees are received and processed by the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA), which in turn, issues the requested permits.

For more information, please, address to NAPSA using the following contacts:

Levy Business Park
Corner of Church & Kabelenga Roads

Phone: +26 0211 395000

The persons who have attained the pensionable age of 55, 60 or 65 years and have also met the retirement pension conditions specified by the National Pension Scheme Act and National Pension Scheme (Benefits and Eligibility) Regulations, 2000 – are potential beneficiaries of these electronic services. 

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