For Tourists

For Tourists

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The services destined to tourists are addressing Zambia’s visitors and tourists, who are visiting Zambia with touristic purposes or have relatives in Zambia whom they undertake a visit. Prior to entering Zambia, it may be necessary to obtain a Visa or a corresponding passport.

The Visa and other services destined to tourists are available online and can be requested, paid and received electronically on the Government Electronic Services Portal – ZamServices portal ( The portal is available at any time, from anywhere and on any device connected to the Internet.

The applications for e-Visa and other permits destined to tourists are received and processed by the Zambia Department of Immigration (ZDI), which in turn, issues the requested permits. The Zambia Department of Immigration is empowered to issue different types of visas, as well as the Immigration Visiting Permit.

For more information, please, address to ZDI using the following contacts:

Headquarters’ Address
Kent Building, Haile Selassie Road
P.O. Box 50300, Lusaka, Zambia

+260 211 255282 (Public Relations Office)
+260 211 252622 (Customer Service Center)


Any foreign citizen who has the intention to visit Zambia or to visit citizens (relatives, friends, etc.) from Zambia – are entitled to request electronic services destined for tourists. 

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